Sugimoto-dera, Kamakura

This is the oldest temple in the Kamakura area, Sugimoto-dera, founded in c734. The name means ‘cedar root temple’ and refers to a story that when the original temple burnt down in 1189 the three eleven-headed kannon, buddhist statues, interred there were carried safely from the temple unscathed by the fire and placed under a cedar tree. The temple is up away from the main area of Kamakura so is quite a pleasant and peaceful walk away from the crowds, left mainly to pilgrims in white.

This is the main gate:

 This is Fudo Myo-o, the God of Fire, who holds a sword in his right hand and a rope in his left:

These are the original stairs used by pilgrims to ascend to the temple. The flags read ‘eleven-headed sugimoto kannon’:

 The temple: