Oyama 2

As a warm-up for Mt Fuji we climbed the aptly named Oyama (大山 – ‘big mountain’) just out of Yokohama. We’d gone half-way up before but were blocked by too much snow. This time, we made it all the way but when we reached the summit it was shrouded in cloud and a fine mist. It was all very atmospheric so I shot in black & white.

View across the ridge:


The path to the summit:



At times, we could barely see ten metres ahead:


The summit:





This is a hiking trip to Oyama mountain, near Yokohama. Unfortunately, the snow was too deep to make it all the way to the top! That had to wait until summer…

These are the stairs up to Oyama-dera temple.

And this is the temple.

View towards Yokohama from Oyama-dera.

 View from half-way up the mountain.

And this much for next time!