Mt Gongen/ Mt Kobo

This was a short hike near Yokohama up Mt Kobo (弘法山) and across to Mt Gongen (権現山), starting from Hadano Station and finishing at Tsurumaki Onsen. It’s a very easy hike but it’s always nice to get away from the concrete for a while!

Enjoying the sunshine:


View of Fuji from Mt Gongen:


Cherry blossoms along the way:



Japanese ‘nature’ perfectly disected by the trail:


At the top of Mt Kobo:


Wildflowers on the trail:





Near Tsurumaki Onsen:


An ivy-covered house near Tsurumaki Onsen with lilac blossoms:




At the top of the Izu peninsula on the west coast is Heda, a small fishing village. The drive up from Dogashima offers some fantastic views of the steep, rugged coastline and, on a clear day, some of the best views of Mount Fuji across the bay.

This is looking down on another small village on the approach to Heda:

Boats in the harbour at Heda:

Pier at Heda:

At a small temple on the other side of the bay looking back towards Heda:

Views of Mount Fuji from Heda:

View from near Heda back up inland towards the Izu Highlands: