Okayama Pt 2 – Kibi Plain

One of the most famous children’s stories in Japan is momotaro, the peach boy. Together with a dog, a monkey and a pheasant, he travelled to the demon’s island of Onigashima and, after defeating the demon, carried back a treasure to his village. The story is thought to be based on the (possibly legendary) Prince Kibitsuhiko, who defeated an ogre and pacified the region for the Yamato Kingdom. The Kibi Plain in Okayama prefecture is said to retrace his journey and can be easily cycled.

Kibitsuhiko Shrine:

Wedding at Kibitsuhiko:

 Kibitsu Shrine, where the Prince is said to have battled the ogre:

Archery at Kibitsu Shrine:

Bitchu-Kokubunji Temple:

Garden at Bitchu-Kokubunji Temple: