Not far from Hiroshima by ferry is the island of Miyajima, containing the world-heritage listed shrine of Itskushima. The island itself was first established as a holy site by professional holy-site founder Kobo Daishi in 806AD. Itsukushima shrine, with its famous ‘floating torii-gate’, was then founded in 1168 by Taira no Kiyomori about whom this year’s NHK Sunday evening drama and an excellent 1955 Mizoguchi Kenji film is based.

The park has been nicely preserved with deer free to roam:

The floating torii:

Stone guardian lion and the shrine complex with pagoda:

The main hall:

Looking out from the main shrine:

Shrine maiden:

Stage where Noh plays are performed:

At sunset the tide moves in and begins lapping around the base of the shrine:

Until the torii stands poised on the silver water floating between worlds: