Nikko Toshogu

The day after Kirifuri, we went to the main Toshogu Shrine complex up from Nikko station. In his will, the first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu, requested that he be enshrined in Nikko (before he died, Ieyasu was so fat he was unable to mount a horse unaided!). At first relatively modest, the shrine and grounds was embellished and extended by the third shogun, Iemitsu, who also had himself enshrined here (the second shogun is tucked away in Ueno, Tokyo). The whole complex is now a World Heritage Site and is justifiably one of the most impressive sights in Japan.

The red bridge marks the boundary between the city of Nikko and the Toshogu:

Toshogu 1

The entrance to the complex:

Toshogu 3

A dragon welcomes:

Toshogu 4

The main torii entrance to Ieyasu’s shrine:

Toshogu 8

The Yomeimon gate:

Toshogu 6

The famous three monkeys:

Toshogu 5

Carvings beside the gate:

Toshogu 7

The inner shrine:

Toshogu 9

Toshogu 10

Dragon on the inner shrine:

Toshogu 11

We didn’t go up to the actual tomb of Ieyasu because it cost extra.


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