Okinawa – Okinawa World Caves

Just down from the Gusuku Road is Okinawa World. Don’t let the name put you off – it’s actually an interesting spot where quite a few old Okinawan buildings have been collected from across the island and preserved plus various traditional arts and crafts, shows botanical gardens and the like. Well worth a visit. One of the most interesting parts was that it stands on top of a cave system that runs the entire length of the park. You can walk through the caves and then back up through the park.

This is from the steps leading down into the caves:

OW Cave 1

Formations along the walkway:

OW Cave 3

OW Cave 2

The caves were used to store and age the Okinawan spirit, awamori:

OW Cave 6

Water constantly flows through the caves forming pools:

OW Cave 4

OW Cave 5

Although it might not be as extensive or spectacular as some other cave systems, it’s definitely worth a look.


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