Oku-Nikko 2 – Senjogahara

A nice walk just above Lake Chuzenji is across Senjogahara (戦場ヶ原), which means ‘battle plain’. Legend has that the gods of two mountains, Mt Nantai and Mt Akagi, fought here over control of Lake Chuzenji-ko. Nantai was losing so he consulted another god, Kashima Daimyojin, who introduced him to an expert archer called Sarumaru (who was actually one of Nantai’s grandsons – why he didn’t already know that I’m not sure). Nantai transformed himself into a white deer to lure Sarumaru out onto the plateau. The gods fought on Senjogahara where Akagi transformed himself into a giant horned centipede and Nantai transformed into a snake. Sarumaru then shot the centipede through the eye. Thus the winner was Mt Nantai who now stands watch over the lake.

There are wooden walkways that stretch across the plain:

Senjogahara - Marsh Walkway

Spring doesn’t come until the end of June so it is rather desolate at the end of winter:

Senjogahara - More Marshes

It is mainly marshland which makes you thankful for the excellently maintained walkways:

Senjogahara - Marshes

The walk ends at Yudaki Waterfalls:

Yudaki Waterfall


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