Okayama Pt 1

This is Okayama, on the Shinkansen line between Osaka and Hiroshima. It was an important castle town during the Edo Period (1604-1868) and quite a few historical sites remain throughout the area. The castle, however, is a reconstruction from 1966:

This is the view over the town from the top of the castle:

The big attraction of Okayama city is the garden, Koraku-en, reputed to be one of Japan’s top three gardens (the others being Kenroku-en in Kanazawa and Kairaku-en in Mito):

The garden is famous for it’s spacious grass lawns, something of a novelty in Japan (though personally, I thought it just looked a good place for some backyard cricket):

 I was a little more interested in the rickety old restaurant nearby I must admit:


4 thoughts on “Okayama Pt 1

  1. Great Photos…. “Cricket”… heard it for the first time here in Japan… Thougt I was the only one, here on this island, from the cricketing world.. and often felt like Harry Potter out in the muggle world..

  2. Ooooo, it’s so presiously rare, a large green field without electric cables overhead, without vendor machines, without parking cars….On the other hand the inn might be so Japanese, hahaha.

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