At the top of the Izu peninsula on the west coast is Heda, a small fishing village. The drive up from Dogashima offers some fantastic views of the steep, rugged coastline and, on a clear day, some of the best views of Mount Fuji across the bay.

This is looking down on another small village on the approach to Heda:

Boats in the harbour at Heda:

Pier at Heda:

At a small temple on the other side of the bay looking back towards Heda:

Views of Mount Fuji from Heda:

View from near Heda back up inland towards the Izu Highlands:


91 thoughts on “Heda

  1. Some nice pics. Not AMAZING. Not out of the realm of any digital camera person.

    Any writing on Heda or not? Seems not. No anecdotes, nor personal experiences.

    Please make your travel stuff about writing and photos. These days, anyone can take a great shot with an SLR/digital piece of equipment. Not hearing anything from you that’s unusual, different or otherwise noteworthy.Seems this is the avenue FP is taking these days, so I hope you set your sights WELL above their expectations.

  2. I am inspired to do a haiku on one of the photos. Will you allow me to use that photo with credit given to you and linking back to this site? Thanks in advance and I await your response.

  3. Great pictures. Japan is such a beautiful country, it’s a shame that most foreign visitors only experience the urban parts

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